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Unique Hiring Experience

Unbiased Non-traditional Hiring Process With Equal Opportunity For Everyone

Could Not Find What You Were Looking For? 

Send us your resume and tell us more about you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I  need to have a relevant degree for the role I am applying for? 

No, you don't need to worry about an academic degree to be able to apply. It will be explicitly mentioned wherever required. If you have the right skills and willingness to learn then this place is for you. 

Does the company offer allowances of any kind?  

For now, we don't cover any kind of allowances except for traveling allowance from one center to another or from the office to the center (coming to the office/center from home or going home from the office/center is not reimbursed). All other details or changes will be mentioned in your offer letter. 

How is the hiring process different from the traditional approach? 

Our hiring process is very starightforward - It's project/task based hiring. We don't do GDs/interviews. Although, we will ask questions related to assigned tasks. Additonally, we would love to see your past projects. 

Become Part Of Our Innovative Team

Our Vision

Be part of our vision to empower people to choose what they love to do with like-minded individuals. Curioboat is a content aggregator platform that aspires to
work across all age groups. We believe offline education
and interaction is the most effective format of learning and building relationships. The only hurdle in its way is
accessibility which we solve with CurioBoat centers
spread across the city. With its root in space

aggregation platform SpaceBoat, the company offers to deploy that infrastructure to run these centers. The centers host a diverse range of activities and workshops with partnerships with third-party content providers. Our
approach is to orchestrate a unique experience for the
unique needs of our users.

Where We Are Curently:


out of 28 students enrolled in our batches within the first 4 weeks of our launch 


of our non-enrolled marketing leads are ready to enroll the moment we start in their locations. 


out of every 5 parents are excited to enroll their kids into CurioBoat's programs. 

What We Are Looking For


We are looking for people who want to do something different. People who think beyond the traditional thought boundaries. 


We are looking for people who are ready to leave their comfort zone and take on new challenges every day. 


We want people who are ready to face difficult problems, no matter how tough. We want people who are self-learners, and self-disciplined and the people for whom the word "Impossible" is non-existent. 


We don't want people who have an employee mindset. We expect you to have an ownership mindset. At Curio, we shape everyone to become a skilled leader who knows how to work with and handle a team.  So, we expect you to be ready to learn everything that comes your way. 

Work-Life Code

There is a reason why Curio stands out from the crowd and the secret of its success lies in how we have designed work-life balance for teammates. 

Steps To Come Onboard

Our Hiring Process

1  —

Step 1

Our first step is asses your resume and previous work experience to find the qualities we are looking for. Trust us, we are not biased we give you enough opportunity to prove yourself. 

2  —

Step 2

One-to-one meetings over a call or in-person to explain what we are actually working on. Once we are sure about your excitement to join our team to work toward our mission, we then move to the next step. 

3 —

Step 3

No traditional interviews or institute or academic biasedness. We offer you real-world projects/tasks to asses the relevant skills and qualities that we are looking for. Prove yourself and you are in.  

Open Positions

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