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Come Work With Us!

Thanks for Applying!

Become Our Teaching Staff: Transform
and Grow Your
Career With Us

We are always looking forward to onboarding motivated teaching staff to make Curio's vision a reality. We offer all the opportunities to learn and grow. With amazing opportunity comes great flexibility. Excited to become our teaching staff? Apply now. 


Explore Your Interest 

We want to you choose what you are passionate about. Be it sports, storytelling, public speaking, or science. There is an opportunity for all. 



We offer complete flexibility over the batch timings. Work-life balance is our first priority. We ensure you don't face any issues in both your personal and professional life. 


Seamless Onboarding

We are fair and straightforward in our every approach. When it comes to onboarding we make offers to deserving candidates. Zero biasedness in our hiring process. 


The Answers You Need

Your salary will solely depend on your interview/task performance and the position you are applying for. We will communicate the same via mail. 

What will be the salary? 

Depending on the number of batches we are conducting at the centers there will be different timings for the position you are applying for. 

How much time do I need to give? 

In addition to your domain-specific knowledge, we are looking for people with great communication skills, and the ability to listen, understand, and effectively manage people. You must be able to connect and be patient with your students. 

What qualities you are looking for? 

Make a Difference Today

At Curio, we believe in empowering human beings and this has always been aligned with our vision statement. To make a difference, you must do things differently.  Join our amazing team of educators who are already doing the same. 

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