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Become  Curio Content partner & Be Part Of Our Mission

Join our 4 other nationally and internationally recognized content partners. 


How It All Started

It all started with the idea of creating neighbourhood activities and learning centers for people of various age groups without limiting us to a particular niche. We aspire to become a multi-product hyper-proximity multi-centers brand where people of similar interest can come together to learn and grow. 

Why Partner Us? 

CurioBoat offers super flexibilty and  freedom to its partner or individuals to launch their product seamlessly without worrying about marketing and other overheads. We take care of everything. 

Complete Freedom

Enjoy complete freedom over your content. We don't make any changes to the content offered by our partners. 

Zero Cost On Marketing

Marketing your content can be cost intensive. With our centers and marketing channels already in place, we ensure zero cost on marketing. 

Zero Overhead Cost

CurioBoat ensures that you don't have to worry about opening centers, space management, teachers training, product management and other overheads, 

Seamless Partnership Experience

By joining CurioBoat as a content partner you enjoy our 24*7 support or in-person meetings if needed. We ensure seamless partnership experience without any  fuss. 

Our Partners

Join our group of amazing partners who are shaping the experience we offer and helping us build the vision - SportyBeans, FableStreet, KideScience, and NutSpace. 

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Sarah J.

Product Designer

Three Simple Steps To Join

Steps To Join


Fill up the form below with your message. Try to be very specific about your proposal and offers. Mention the market and the target audience. 


Once we have your information, we will get back to you to ask further questions. We will analyze and give our response. 


Once the final decision is made, we can start working on MOUs, TOCs, and other documentation as required. 


How many days does it take to receive a reply after we submit a partnership proposal?

We try to reply within 3-5 working days. In some cases, it can be up to 10 days. 

Should the partner need to be a well know brand to become Curio Partner? 

No, anyone can become a CurioBoat partner provided they have a solid product for the market we are targeting. 

How does Curio ensure a smooth experience with the partnership process? 

Here at CurioBoat, we have removed all the bottlenecks and made sure that all the processes involved are short, smooth, and simple. 

What are the roles of the partners when it comes to product marketing? 

Partners don't have any major role in product marketing or center launches. We take care of everything. The only thing you can help us with is the product collaterals.  

How does Curio ensure lauches in new locations? 

Curio has partnered with several space providers or hosts around the city to ensure that we are able to launch your product in different localities easily. 

How are products selected? 

Products are selected solely based on their demand in the market. We do thorough research, product testing, and cost analysis before reaching the final decision. 

Enter Your Details 

Thanks for submitting! We will get back to you. 

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