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Become Curio Center Partner

Join hands with us and be part of our vision to make our programs accessible to people in your neighbourhood. 


How It All Started

It all started with the idea of creating neighborhood activities and learning centers for people of various age groups without limiting us to a particular niche. We aspire to become a multi-product hyper-proximity multi-center brand where people of similar interests can come together to learn and grow. 

Why Become Our Center Partner? 

CurioBoat is focused on making its content or programs accessible to people in every neighborhood. We want to build a great relationship with people/institutions interested to host their space for our centers. 


We have standard checklists in place to ensure that new spaces are ready for classes. To meet our standard we may invest in space renovation wherever required.  

Income Source

Outside the office hours your space is not in use. Offer us your space and earn monthly revenue.  

Neighbourhood Hero

Be the first one in your neighbourhood to onboard CurioBoat products and support people nearby by our content accessible to them. 

Strong Branding

By partnering with us you allow your brand's name to be discovered by more people in your locality without any cost on marketing. 

Our Partners

Join our list of Curio Partners. 

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Sarah J.

Product Designer

Let's join hands to serve your locality

Steps To Join


Submit the form below if you are interested  to host our centers in your locality. We will review your message and get back to you. 


We will then share our partnership proposal followed by other important documents required to complete the space tie-up process. 


Once both parties reach an agreement, we can close the deal. 


What will be rents offered by CurioBoat to its partners?

For our space tie-ups, we offer a max of 15000 rupees per month in rent to compensate our center partners.  

How much amount CurioBoat will invest in renovation? 

Curio will invest up to INR 50,000 for additions to the space, Any investments above that will be deducted from the rental payments payable to SpacePartner in applicable equal monthly installments. 

What will be the responsibility of the center partner?

Help us wherever needed or appoint a 'POC' for the center manager to communicate with. Partners will also provide a support staff/nanny and ensure center safety or security. 

Who will join the center's programs? 

Interested people living nearby your locality or interested people who can manage to come to the center will be enrolling in our programs. 

What will be the notice period to terminate the partnership? 

2 months precisely. 

What will happen once the partnership is terminated?

If the space partner disengages from Curio, we will procure its investments such as cameras, lights, etc and if it's made by the space partner, curio will buy it back at 25% of the cost of the investment.

Enter Your Details 

Thanks for submitting! We will get back to you. 

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